Kayla's Bridal Shower

I really struggle with event photography so when I'm asked to bring my camera I usually decline the invite...

Besides not having enough practice under my belt, I think my biggest fear is messing up and disappointing the family. After all, people are counting on the photographer to make them look their best! Depending on the location, the lighting, and the person sometimes that's not always an easy task.

Kayla's shower was in a basement of a church. The errors I feel I made was with the 85mm fixed lens at f2.8. My goal was to bring in more light but I feel I really blew the 'group' shots, at least those that were taken indoors. Once we moved outdoors I switched to my favorite lens and was somewhat satisfied with those. 

For my next event I hope to remember to:

  • Watch zooming in on people and avoid cutting off body parts.
  • Watch f2.8 where groups of people are concerned.