1970 Dodge Conversion

The number one question Brian is asked, "How did you convert the truck to a crew cab?"

Although only a few were made, this truck rolled down the line in 1970 with four doors. 

The truck was purchased in 2003 and hauled to Indiana from San Bernardino, Ca. At one time it belonged to the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department and was also once owned by someone at Norton's Air Force Base. We tried to find some history and old photographs on the truck but so far have been unsuccessful.

Since 2003 Brian has tinkered with restoration but most of his dedication started in 2010. He heavily modified the truck and converted it to house a 12V Cummins. We are currently gathering information and photos on the truck to share with those who want to do the same project. 

Click to see larger images.

As far as the photography - Equipment used:

  • Canon 5d MkII and a Speedlight
  • Shot on a rainy, overcast day
  • 28-135mm lens - Most were taken in the range of ISO 640, f8, 1/250

The problem with this truck is the paint is so very reflective. A fill flash helps but even in low, cloudy light the reflections are still there - depending on which angle I shot. In sunlight it picks up every single reflection and due to its ability to gather light the lines of the truck are often blown. I found that the using a cloudy day, white concrete below us and white colored buildings helped to create a softer light.

If I had my choice the photos would be taken in a studio designed for vehicles that have huge over head soft boxes. Our next shoot will be at the lake at sunset. We will see what kind of lighting I get with that.

Stay tuned for engine and interior photos!